What is a Twincharger Engine?

  The rapidly developing technology after the construction of the first automobile enabled the development of vehicles in the same proportion. These developments have made it necessary to increase the efficiency of the engine in vehicles. Thus, various trials and innovations have been started in order to increase the efficiency of vehicle engines. There have been many innovations in this process. One of them is the engine structure called Twincharger. What is a twincharger engine? The Twincharger is the TSI engine series that was first introduced to the automobile market by Volkswagen. The engine was introduced by Volkswagen with the logic of small volume, high power and low consumption. Twincharger engines were first used in Volkswagen's Golf model vehicles with a volume of 1.4 liters and a power of 170 horsepower. The model is known as the Golf GT. There are two main factors that make TSI engines powerful. One of them is FSI, which is a direct injection system, and th